Business Start-up

The first step to any business start-up is to create a business plan. It should be well thought out and detailed, and include a potential location with it’s price. Any furnishings, tools, or equipment that need to be purchased for the business should be included in the plan along with their prices. The plan should also include goals for the growth of the business as well as a mockup of how the entire business will run. This plan is one of the keys to finding financial backing. It allows potential investors or loan companies to see the entire plans and cost as well as potential for the business, therefore securing their investment or loan payments.


Once a thorough plan is completed, obtaining financial backing follows. Some people are lucky enough to find investors who pay everything in return for shares in the company or percentage of it’s monthly earnings, but most people end up applying for a small business loan. While emergency business loans or any general small business loan from banks are not always easy to obtain, they are ideal because they are safe.

Most loans are through reputable banks, meaning the borrower has easy access to the company if there are any questions, and can access them for business needs including depositing and withdrawing easily. Most bank backed loans offer multiple loan options that can be tailored to fit the needs of the customer. If a small business opens with a loan from a bank, the original creator of the company remains the owner of the company. Investors often have a permanent stake in businesses they invest in, through a bank, things are different.

As long as the loan payments are being made in a timely fashion, banks have no ownership to the business. Once a loan is paid off, the original creator owns 100% of the business. Banks can generally offer small business loans at low interest rates. A loan through a bank can also come with some tax benefits, the percentage of profits used to repay loan payments is completely exempt from being taxed.

It’s important to consider this process and these advantages when opening a business. Being prepared and well informed on the benefits of small business loans is important when borrowing large sums of money.