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If you are looking for some grown-up fun in Disney World then Pleasure Island is the place for you. Situated in Downtown Disneyland it is one of the best places for enjoyment. You can find some of the best nightclubs, restaurants, and stores inspired by the Disney theme and the best comedy show.

To get Pleasure Island Tickets it is important to have the Disney World Tickets. There are mainly two clubs in Pleasure Island Rock ‘n’ Roll Beach Club and the Mannequins Dance Palace.

If you are looking to see something funny then visit the Comedy Warehouse. Visiting the Comedy Warehouse would definitely give you the best laugh and entertainment. There are a number of shopping places in Pleasure Island that you can hang around.

Some of the exclusive shopping centers include, Changing Attitudes, Curl by Sammy Duvall, Fuego by Sosa Cigars Pleasure Island Orlando - Harley Davidson.

There are also some special events like St. Patrick's Party, Sweetheart Island, Dance the Fright Away. There is no need for a special Pleasure Island Ticket. An entry pass to Disney World is sufficient. You can visit the place anytime after 7pm.

However, if you wish the clubs then you would have to pay separately for them. If you don’t wish to visit the club still there are number of entertainment options like street performances, DJ spinning tunes where you can dance all throughout the night.

If you are looking for a peaceful time with family and friends then you should visit the Raglan Road, it is an Irish pub where you can enjoy with snacks and drinks. If you are looking for a huge nightclub type of atmosphere then you can visit the Motion.

They have the top 40 hits playing and you can enjoy your night on a huge dance floor. Pleasure Island ticket entitles you to a time of fun and enjoyment with your friends and family.

So if you are looking for a fun filled evening with lots of action and comedy then try out the Pleasure Island that is bound to win your heart and you would definitely make it a point to visit it the next time that you are around Disney world.

Pleasure Island tickets for sure promises to offer you the best exciting deals anywhere in Disneyland and especially for adults who have been looking for their type of entertainment all throughout the day.

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1 Day Pleasure Island Ticket at Downtown Disney
1 Day Pleasure Island Ticket at Downtown Disney
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1 Day Pleasure Island Ticket at Downtown Disney cost you approx $16.85. Come to Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney®, Disney's adult playground. Ultimate place to spend your time in the disney world. You will be more than happy. Give it a try once atleast.



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